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I just wanna say afew thing...some may be dumb...but

1)Doomsday ,in my opinion ,can carry a movie.He is created for one destroy and kill.He can kinda just go from point A to point B killing everyone in his way.If the army gets involved...DEAD...if police get in his way...DEAD....civillian?? is pure hate.He symbolizes the worse in the world.While superman symbolizes hope.They can have superman fight doomsday more than once in the film.Have superman lose the first time not knowing what he was getting into.Jst doomsday kicks hiss ass and keeps it moving.Maybe superman can try to save some people from doomsday and it doesnt work and doomsday kills them.That would motivate superman to fight harder next time cuz he feels guilt.i think someone can write a good enough script for doomsday.But i do feel they should wait till maybe a sequal.

2)The origins can be done afew ways.I think the best way to get us to love superman is to do his origins in a way we can either sympathize or connect with the character.It can be done.And i wouldnt mind it as long as they tried to make it interesting without changing anything too much.Just do it with a different style.

3)I still think that a krypton movie would be perfect especially right now.Thius could make us get behind the character better when we know where he is from and what happened to his planet.Here are some things i would want to see in it

a)"Krypton's primordial era produced some of the most dangerous organisms in the Universe. It was for this reason that Krypton was chosen as the place to create Doomsday through forced evolution."
(Can anyone see a lobo scene or am i crazy)

b)Krypton is always descreibed as beatiful.Id like to see it on

c)There was a war on krypton sometime right before it was destroyed.That would be cool.

d)they where highly advanced technology wise.Id like to see that.

e)the drama of Supermans father trying desperatly to save his planet would be cool.Get ppl to sympathize with im.Then when he fails and sends superman to earth the sympathy can be transferd to superman...maybe.

4)brainiac should be the villain in a superman movie.He ties into krypton and supermans origins.

5)Luthor should be in the background.I dont wanna see him as the main villian but i think he MUST be in any superman film.

6)I wanna see doomsday kill superman.But i also wanna see superman fight doomsday and his disiples
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