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Please don't take offense. But honestly, I already addressed your concern on this issue. You have ignored my detailed responses back and have not given any of them a proper rebuttal in return. You just keep giving me the same blanketed mantra response that I am not understanding that a Doomsday movie can't work, and thats it. Please re-read my posts and respond to them individually if you want to debate the issue with me on an intelligent level. However, if you don't. Hey, thats cool, man. I totally understand. There is no real contest to win here. We both have differing opinions on this issue. And I don't think that's going to change. Unless of course strong evidence was brought to light that I was in error of course.

LOL, man, I HAVE argued it. You just are refusing to listen to anything any of us is saying. We tell you it wont work and why, your only rebuttal is simply "Yes it will."
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