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I'll use Lost Odyssey as an example. The actual story in that game wasn't particularly new or completely engaging (not to say it was bad), but what kept me going was the great characters, particularly Kaim. Usually the "ZOMG I HAVE AMNESIA" cliche is irritating, but they pulled it off really well in that.

For some reason, people expect Final Fantasy games to have these grand, intricate plots. Very few games have that. Heck, even many WRPGS don't have particularly inspired or unique plots.

It's not about a deep, cinematic plot. It's about how it's executed, and wanting to see what happens. I feel the same way about Lost Odyssey. I felt the same way about Dragon Age, because even though it felt like playing through Lord of the Rings, I grew to love the characters (you know, once you actually spent hours talking to them and discovered that they're not as horribly cliche as they appeared) and wanted to see what happened (the fact that, to an extent, you control their fates makes it even more awesome). With few exceptions, JRPGs don't have stories as deep as Bioshock or Indigo Prophecy. In fact, few games in general do. But for some reason, I feel it gets held against Final Fantasy games more than other games. Maybe it's just the way I see it, but why don't we care about the lack of plot in Zelda or Ninja Gaiden, yet we're quick to throw any FF game under the bus that doesn't have some sort of Dickensian level story? Maybe we just expect too much from our RPGs.

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