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Predictions for the Weekend of February 26th-28th

1. Shutter Island- $22 million
2. Cop Out- $16 million
3. Avatar- $12.5 million
4. The Crazies- $10 million
5. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief- $9.25 million
6. Valentine's Day- $8 million
7. The Wolfman- $5 million
8. Dear John- $3.75 million
9. Crazy Heart- $2.5 million
10. Tooth Fairy- $3.25 million

Shutter Island should take the top spot again, pending Cop Out breaks out (which is entirely possible, though I don't think so). Cop Out should take the #2 spot and be Smith's biggest opening ever. Somewhere in the teens sounds about right. Avatar will probably be #3, with another small drop. The Crazies might do better than I expect, but I just can't see it. There hasn't been a big enough push marketing wise, and those looking for something in the horror/thriller genre will probably pick Shutter Island.
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