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This is a fantastic rearrangement of the opening theme and the later 'Angelfish Decayí theme from A Zed and Two Noughts, music by Michael Nyman.

A medley from Brick, with music by Nathan Johnson. Emilyís Theme is especially fantastic.

Two from Ennio Morricone: first, the menacing theme of the villain of Once Upon a Time in the West, and the second is the opening theme from The Legend of 1900, and is the best music Morricone has ever written. 3:20 on is aural sex.

The best 11 minutes of John Williamsís career.

Lastly one by Zafer Tawil, from Rachel Getting Married. Starts at 1:46:37. (You can skip right to it and let it load from there.) Have no idea what this track is called. Itís one of the most beautiful pieces of music Iíve ever heard.

Others I love are the recent Abel Korzeniowski score for A Single Man, Nina Rotaís for La Strada, Nymanís for The Piano, Philip Glassís for Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters, Clint Mansellís for The Fountain, Alexandre Desplatís for The Luzhin Defence, and the also recent Giacchino and Zimmer scores for Up and Sherlock Holmes respectively.

Actually, Iíll leave it at that:
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