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Movie was a huge disappointment. I figured out the twist in the first five minutes and so did my friend, wtf? When it finally played out all I could hope for was an additional twist ending, but that never happened. Truly lame ending for anyone with any foresight.

Why would he be looking for his partner after he saw his body getting pummeled by waves, assuming he fell off the cliff. Certainly he would be dead after that fall, so why would you ask the lady in the cave if she'd seen him, or the Kingsly in the end at the light house. Why wouldn't you just assume he was dead? Why show the body laying on the rocks, when they could have just shown the smoking cigarette at the top of the cliff and left it at that?

Great acting by Leo, and others. The scenes look beautiful. Still though, I expected something better. Martin Scorsese wasn't up to his usual standards. Ultimately a forgettable film.

Leo's face is getting fat. Dude's jaw looked like Brando's in the Godfather.


How could anyone not see the twist?
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