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The Crazies - $28 mil
Shutter Island - $18 mil
Cop Out - $16 mil
Avatar - $13 mil

"The Crazies" will be the big surprise hit this weekend - I've been calling it a sleeper for a while now. Rotten Tomatoes just put up their Tomatometer for it, and it's garnering an incredible 88% Fresh rating from the critics right now, which puts it past just about every other straight horror film that's come out recently (and even puts it well ahead of the "Dawn of the Dead" remake). It's got great buzz behind it, and they've been giving it a strong marketing push in recent weeks, even giving it an ad in the Super Bowl. It'll do VERY well.

"Cop Out" on the other hand will be a disaster - which is a shame, because I love Kevin Smith's work.
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