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The Descent: Part 2 - 3/10
A sequel that not only adds nothing remotely worthy to the story (copy what happens in the first film, fuck about with the story a bit and you have this) but completely ignores events from the first film including having a climbing axe go right through a leg, somehow missing the bone completely, doing nothing more than giving you a slight limp. I'm not going to even go into characters magically escaping their obvious fate and getting out of the cave... unless the makers are retards and only watched the "American version". The acting is soso, nothing stands out. The gore in the first film was there to move the plot along, in this it's just for gores sake. And as for the "twist" ending, they didn't do a very good job of hiding it. The only reason this gets a 3 is because the music score's along the same lines as the first film (which was a fantastic score) and the effects are good... aside from one of the actors clearly breaking a prosthetic head.

Surviving Evil - 5/10
Competently made and surprisingly decent acting but far too slow paced with not a lot happening for long stretches.

Thirst - 8/10
One of the better vampire films of the last decade.

Tony - 8/10
A day in the life of a serial killer. Wasn't expecting a lot and it really took my by surprise, well acted and never dull.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever - 4/10
Just bad.

The Fly ('58) - 8/10
House Of Wax ('53) - 8/10
Two horror classics.

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