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I thought this was a great episode. Every season has its duds (except for maybe 10 and 11, which were the absolute peak of the south park's excellence), but this one did not disappoint me one bit. I was LOLing at the monkey scene. Monkeys humping things= comedic gold.

And after this episode I'm convinced that out of all the leading comedy cartoons, Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the only people who know how to write a decent fucking story anymore. Family Guy and The Simpsons just jump around from stupid joke to stupid joke while barely maintaining a coherent plot, yet South Park, even at its worst, at least has a goddamn point. There's a beginning, middle, and end, which are all related, there is an actual plot and theme to the episode, and jokes are actually related to the plot, too. Well, you've seen the Cartoon Wars episode, you know what I'm getting at.

South Park= damn good TV.

EDIT: and by the way,

This episode had one of the funniest Kenny deaths of all time. Died attempting auto erotic asphyxiation while wearing a Batman costume, and subsequently being buried in that costume, for whatever reason. ha.

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