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I looooooooooove miss machine so much. so much.

dep are ridiculous live too. when i saw them they were playing in a club and it was insane, one of the guitarists (cant remember his name, the newest one) shredded whilst walking along the bar booting drinks. there was glass and whiskey everywhere. it was amazing. how they can play like that and run around and be so crazy is awesome.

What's peoples opinions on Converge? They are poossibly my favourite band ever. i know they are more hardcore/punk than metal but i think they still can be talked about in here. kurt ballou is a genius. there drummer is out of this world. and jacob bannon, well... hes pretty much a monster. a very emotional monster. judging by his lyrics. wish he wouldnt make every album have the exact same cover art with a different colour scheme though...
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