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After letting the album sink in, Burzum's latest is really good for a comeback album. It's about on the level of his pre prison albums though is not as ambient or electronic as last few albums. This one has a lot of thrashy parts and sounds a lot like his first album. Nothing really jumped out as a classic song on first listen and a few songs drag like hell ("Morgenroede" being one in particular), but it is a damn good album and worth a listen. One thing that has changed is the vocals as either Varg must have been trying to practice and improve his voice because the piercing nails on a chalkboard vocals are not to be found in this album. Sometimes the tortured yells fit in (The vocals fit perfectly in songs like "My Journey To The Stars" but stick out like a sore thumb in songs like "War"), but I'm glad he stuck to the style of vocal he started with Filosfem.

The latest album by Sigh called Scenes From Hell is incredible. Might be my favorite metal album of the year at this point, but I haven't heard much yet. These guys have yet to disappoint.

I love me some Converge. Jane Doe is one of my favorite albums ever and "Heaven In Her Arms" is one of my favorite songs. Petitioning The Empty Sky, When Forever Comes Crashing, and You Fail Me are all amazing albums as well. No Heroes was kind of a misstep, but Axe To Fall is slightly below the level of the previous albums, but still pretty great. I loved them when I saw them live. Such an intense experience. I could tell all the songs apart when I saw them but that was around 5 years ago. They could've gotten worst live since then. And, if they performed a bunch of songs from No Heroes (An album where most of the songs sound the same) than I could see that being a problem.
Shit. I totally forgot Scenes From Hell came out. A lot of people seem to hate Sigh now because of the addition of Mikannibal; all I'll say is that the first video they released off the album was pretty god awful (video wise, not song wise). XD But yeah, Sigh is awesome. Imaginary Sonicscape is unreal.
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