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After a second listen, "Widower" has grown on me a lot. The second half is really great and the song kind of sounds like Mastodon at points. I don't really know why I singled that song out. I still don't dig "Chinese Whispers" that much.

Anyways, the best news I heard in a while is that Gorguts are releasing a new album.

This has some samples. The music doesn't sound as ugly and intense as Obscura (One of my favorite albums ever), but the vocals being absent are a big part of that. Obscura had some of the creepiest and most discomforting vocal sounds I've ever heard. Luc sounded like he was being tortured and having an asthma attack at the same time, it was wonderful. The new music still sounds very promising and it sounds just as complex as all their other albums.

The latest album by Alcest just replaced Scenes From Hell by Sigh as my new favorite metal album of this year. I love how Niege manages to blend indie/shoegazing music with black metal so perfectly. I like the Amesoeurs album last year a little better, but it's just as great as the first Alcest album.
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