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Great episode. I was laughing my ass off every time someone tried to read the book. The highlights being Stan's mom and the Today Show cast.

My favorite part was Butter's reaction once he finished reading Catcher in the Rye. And this is also the reason why I think Butter's is a hundred times funnier than Cartman and think that Butter's themed episodes are way better than Cartman themed episodes.

Stan, Kyle, and (more or less) Kenny are basically straight men, while Cartman and Butters are the funny guys. Cartman has never evolved beyond obnoxious, racist jokes since pretty much the very beginning. Where as Butters seems to always find new ways to embarrass himself and sink to new lows (while being completely oblivious to it).

Therefore: Butters > Cartman
I wholeheartedly agree. While I understand the love for Cartman, only Butters has evolved over the years.

Out of this show the only characters who honestly draw laughs from me are Randy and Butters.
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