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Who am i to tell people what to do, but this leopard, cougar, used out spotted tiger thing is out of control now, it's become one of the most inane cliches going now.

So, it's not the idiotic nature of it( you're old and used out beech, stop trying to recapture your misspent youth)that annoys me.

It annoys me when some poor old dude does it and it annoys me when a woman does it. These people just don't want someone that will compete with them, they want to control someone, and it's easier to find some poor unsuspecting person that's younger than them to do it with.

Yeah, there's that sexual aspect, but i can't believe a 19 yo kid couldn't find some young tart who could do it better. And he will, this won't last. She'll get bored of him also, after he hits middle age, 24. She robbed the cradle and felt like she was 20 again, this too shall pass. Then she'll comb the high schools for another 18 yo, it's vampiric.

Then again i do know people who married despite a huge age gap and it worked, but this is Hwood we're talking here, young men and woman are trophies not genuine life partners
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