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Wow, wtf, they ARE the same races from FFXI. It seems so lazy and uninspired, this is the same team that made the original FFXI right? So it makes a little sense, but as far as I knew this game is set in a different world than that of FFXI, so why have identical races? However, I will say that I'm okay with the inclusion of Tarutarus, those things were the best part about FFXI.

I'm disappointed, but I'll still keep an open mind. I'm interested to see where they take this game. FFXI had a lot of potential, and I played it for quite some time and enjoyed it, but it also had it's fair share of flaws. The lack of any ability to solo, too much grinding, etc. I really hope this is not a FFXI clone with updated graphics, because they need to make some serious changes to compete with more successful MMOs like WoW.
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