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If you have time I'd strongly recommend you watch Homicide: Life on the Street, which Simon also wrote. It has a completely different feel to The Wire, but it's still a fantastic show and worth your time.
I'll second the recommendation (The Wire dethroned Homicide as my favorite show, or at least caused me to start calling Homicide "The best network show in history") but I have to quibble with that characterization. I think they're actually fairly similar.

I won't expound at length on the common themes (which go deeper than the location and situations they each depict) or similar characters (Keema is a more fully developed version of Stivers and it's clear to me that Bunk and Meldrick are derived from the same root character, a guy who can be found in the pages of Simon's original book that Homicide was based on), I'll just say that it's a show that's worth your time.

If and when you watch it, give it time to play out. They didn't hit stride until the second mini-season. It got better and better for several years before slipping (mainly due to NBC's impatience and interference) near the end.

As for Treme, I'm all over it. I was sold at "David Simon." Wendell Pierce and Clarke Peters just add to embarrassment of riches.
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