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I just watched Kick-Ass today being 4/14, and I have read the phenominal comics. The movie was HORRIBLE !!!! 20% of the comic made it to the film. The film makers literally ditched the entire human element that made the comics so great and decided to make it a CAMPY SHIT FEST. Movie Big Daddy was an ABOMINATION. So far it's 0 for 2 on Mark Millar film adaptations. Wanted and Kick-Ass were amazing comics both followed by HORRIBLE MOVIES
Blah blah blah heard it all before. When will people learn that MOVIES are completely separate entities from the source material they are adapted from, and should not be compared to them under any circumstances? Just because only 20% of the comic book made it into the movie, that doesn't mean that the remaining 80% of the movie is BAD just because it isn't directly based on the source material. I've made this rant before. Give me a break!
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