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Oh. My. God. I'm so excited. I only ever caught on to the real great shows - The Sopranos, The Wire, Six Feet Under, etc - in retrospect, and after their runs had finished already. But now, I get to enjoy being a part of an instant classic, and what is destined to be one of the great TV works of all time, as it is born.
I completely feel that too, and whenever I say The Wire is my favourite show someone always points out that I only caught on after it was done, and after it "became cool" to love it. It certainly is great to be a part of this from the very beginning.

Really enjoyed the pilot, what with it being a David Simon show I think it's obvious it's going to take a few episodes to get to know the vast expanse of characters properly. But having said that, something that surprised me was how much I felt for some of them, I don't know anything about Albert or the woman looking for her brother, but it still struck a cord when they were struggling with their respective problems. Great stuff, I think my only issue was trying to separate Wendell Pierce from Bunk, when he yelled "Motherfucker it ain't that funny!" I flashed back to a ton of scenes with him and a drunken McNulty.

And of course, the acting seems to be top-notch, especially from Goodman and Melissa Leo. All good so far.
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