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I am not going into a religious debate, as we all know there's no ending to it, but how do you think this whole broad universe/galaxy came to be in the first place?
That was my point: we don't know... yet. Knowledge on matters like that still go far beyond human understanding, in relation to where it currently stands. And we're definitely not going to find those answers in our lifetime. I mean, we still thought the world was flat a mere 500+ years ago. I'm not one to settle for the easiest, most convenient explanation in the meantime.

My main flap with religion, though, is that I just can't see why a deity would insist on being worshipped by us... unless it was a total egomaniac, or was highly insecure. I would also think a deity would be above such petty human emotions as spitefulness and jealousy -- two traits often associated with it in the Bible and in general talk. If just being a good person isn't enough, then maybe if heaven really exists, it's not for me. : ?

There -- I'm now through with this subject.
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