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So what if I'm right and you're wrong? Should I send a postcard down to you in hell from heaven? I'm ending this discussion now because it seriously won't lead anywhere.
Haha, that's such distorted logic/scare tactics we've been brought up on.

That reasoning kept me religious whether I liked it or not for years.

"So what if you're wrong and there's a god, what if you go to hell because you don't believe?"

Well if there is a god and they don't want me because I didn't believe, give me a my ticket to hell and I'll see you later.

Religion is a poison pure and simple, it's an imaginary crutch for the emotionally needy, end of story. Until we relinquish all our superstitions, and religions, mankind can not evolve further.

My life is ten times better without religion. No delusions, no lack of self-responsibility, and a much more interesting outlook on life. I can't help but chuckle at anyone who looks up at the sky and starts talking. They look so insane doing it. There is no god because if there was he couldn't have allowed us the reasoning to rebel, he couldn't have allowed so much natural disasters and he would have given his followers intelligent arguments for his existence instead of mind numbing nonsense like "he works in mysterious ways," "I'll pray for you," and "How do you know he doesn't exist?"

That's my word on it, choose to ignore it, or choose to confront it.

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