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It's unfortunate that Chris Cunningham fizzled out after his peak in the 90s but I'm gonna go with BCV on this and hope that one day it'll eventually work out.
The big shame is that around 2000-ish, he stopped making music videos as well. Except for the occasional one here and there - like the excellent and frightening one for Sheena is a Parasite - these past 10 years he's not even necessarily been focusing on straight-up video work, instead creating these weird experimental films like Flex and Rubber Johnny that are still beautiful (well, Flex at least - I'd rather not watch Rubber Johnny again :P), doing pretty commercial work that still pales in comparison to his music video hey-day, and still photography. But if he would get his head out of his ass and stop being such a hard-ass about "not being interested in studio pressure" and shit like that that EVERY director has to deal with unless your last name is Spielberg or Scorsese or Tarantino, and just make a feature film already - all will be forgiven and we will finally see what Cunningham is TRULY capable of, and what he hints that he's capable of in his better videos!
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