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Heather Havrilesky publishes a follow up to the earlier piece I linked at the top of page 2. Be sure to read the comments section, too. Some good stuff there.

I think she's wrong about Ladonna's quest to find her brother (which is a pivotal thread to me) but she's right about a couple of other things. The Albert incident, in particular, has nagged me at the edge of my consciousness since it happened. I would like to see it explored at some more length.

I also think Davis got over his drunken ass kicking far too easily. I like that it led to him getting a clue about his neighbors but when you have something like that happen, it shatters a lot of your illusions and should put you in a contemplative, even bitter, mood for a while. Maybe their point is that he's such a loud, shallow dope that he can just brush it off but that still doesn't quite scan for me.
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