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Not to be too clichéd, but their earliest stuff is untouchable. I'm thinking specifically about Blue Oyster Cult, Secret Treaties and Tyranny and Mutation (the so-called "Black & White" albums) and that first live record On Your Feet Or On Your Knees. There was always a weird balance between serious, hard edged rock and goofy, near self-parodic songwriting with them that wasn't easy to maintain, and which often slips past some people, but that I always found really interesting.

Screams, Stairway to the Stars, The Red and the Black, Then Came the Last Days of May, Harvester of Eyes, 7 Screamin' Diz Busters, The Mistress of the Salmon Salt (Quicklime Girl) and, most of all, the incomparable Astronomy, are all major signposts of my misspent youth.
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