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Predictions for the Weekend of June 18-20

Toy Story 3- $120 million
The Karate Kid- $30 million
Jonah Hex- $15 million
The A-Team- $13.5 million
Shrek Forever After- $8 million
Get Him to the Greek- $6.5 million
Killers- $4.25 million
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time- $3.5 million
Marmaduke- $3.25 million
Sex and the City 2- $2.75 million

Toy Story is obviously taking the top spot. Some are anticipating low-100s, some are anticipating a near record-breaker. I'm somewhere in the middle. The Karate Kid should have a solid hold. Jonah Hex is likely to bomb, and I'm being nice with my $15 million prediction.

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