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[QUOTE=Saunion;3250530]i disagree with odin and mephisto being the most powerful.

Odin and Mephisto certainly aren't the most powerful by a long shot-The Living Tribunal-Eternity and Death in the 1980's Marvel Universe role playing game handbook lists the power ratings for most all the characters. The Cosmic Entities of course are the big guns! I think Death-Eternity and The Living Tribunal rank the highest in several different power/abilities categories.THE only actually called GOD in the Marvel Universe is "One Above All" aka GOD from "Doctor Strange" #13 (1976) Check it out if U ever find that Role Play game from 1984-86? cool stuff. "The Celestials"are in the space god class too. 1986 Marvel Players Handbook shown-Can't find a good scan of the Judges Handbook from same role play game-It has Villain/Cosmic Entities ratings in it.Attachment 8513

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