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Consider yourself lucky, VERY lucky. I've been going to places that sell used Blu-Rays on a regular basis for years. I always look 'em (the used Blu-Rays) over VERY thuroughly for ones I want, including this box set. Ever since it first came out I kept my eyes pealed for it in the stores here that sell used Blu-Rays. It didn't show up till now. 'Sides, I can afford $60.00, I knew that $60.00 was HALF the brand new price, and knew that who knows if I'd EVER see it for sale used in a place that sells used Blu-Rays EVER again. (Let alone for $17.00) Therefore I went ahead and got it. Carpe diem/seize the day?
i don't know if you have a Willow Video store where you live but that's where i got mine but i traded some dvds/blu-rays and videos games to knock down the price to $17 it was $69.99