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So, Kamelot finally have named their new album, it's to be called Poetry for the Poisoned and it's scheduled for September 3. Simone Simmons (of Epica) is also going to be back to sing on two tracks, as are Bjorn Strid (Soilwork) and Jon Olivia (Savatage) on unconfirmed tracks, as well as Gus G. (Firewind) playing additional guitar. Hell yes.

Also, Angel Dust finally have a new album coming out, following up the amazing Of Human Bondage, called Tales from Ashes and Dust, to be released later this year. Awesome.

While this may not be a great year for film or video games, it's a fantastic year for metal.
IT'S ABOUT GOD DAMN TIME. I've been waiting for info on the new Kamelot CD for ages. And I LOVE Simone Simons.

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