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I should be recording a death metal demo pretty low-fi in the next couple months (I'd say weeks but things never go as awesome as I plan) with my buddy long distance, I'm really fucking excited about that!!!

It's gonna be my friend on guitars, me on bass and vocals, and whoever I can find on drums if we use actual drums.

I'm not sure what he's doing, but I'm recording my bass and vocal tracks on my MP3 player. I'm pretty much putting my amp in my bathroom with my MP3 player across from it and recording like that. I did a test a few days ago for the bass and it actually sounded pretty decent, so I cannot wait to record the demo itself!!!

The sound is gonna be very similar to 80's era Death, Massacre, Obituary, Master, Possessed, and possibly some very early Deicide and Cannibal Corpse (though that will probably be more the vocals). Will post the demo here when it's recorded and mixed, and pressed. I've already got some distribution in place when the whole thing is done.

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