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Holy shit ! What a hater! Are you serious? Adam Sandler has not been funny since leaving SNL? He is only one of the best bankable comedy stars in the world today. He actually seems to be getting better with age and maturity. His movies are much better than his early Bill Madison days. All the movies you named have all grossed at least $100 each. Apparently, some people find him funny.

I could not get through the hate to see if you actually thought the movie was funny or not. Know you, funny. The point of the movie.

Since you are so smart and published, I suggest you write a screen play and make a movie. Since you are so much smarter than everyone else and know much about what a movie should be, you should stop lowering your standards to see such crap and do your own movies. You are exactly the reason why no one cares what reviewers say anymore.

You may find this to be a surprise, but most people do not go to movies, because of a plot, story or how real it is. Most people go to the movies to be entertained and enjoy themselves. Movies are product. Every week studios are trying to put out the best piece of crap they can to make money. I don't know if you know much about the world or the economy, but during this current recession (depression really) the movie industry is up. Maybe not in ticket sales, but in money. Not many other industries can say they have been up year over year since 2004. SO even thought times are tough, people still go the movies to be entertained. I think you forgot this fact. People going to see Grown Ups are looking to laugh a little. That's all. What you told us is basically millions of people who watch and enjoy these types of movies are small, pathetic, stupid people who don't know any better and that makes you an elitist. You are not better than anyone else and judging by the numbers, most people do not go see what you consider to be a good movie.
No offense, but this is the stupidest argument I've heard in a long time. You're basically saying that movie reviewers should give good reviews to movies JUST BECAUSE they are popular. I'm really sorry but that's just about the most ridiculous thing I've heard in a WHILE. The whole "you're no better than anyone else" and "why don't you make a movie of your own?" arguments are also so beaten to the ground and worn out, it makes me sick just to read them.

Hal2001, you did good. As I suspected, there is nothing of worth in this film, and I will not be seeing it. Thanks for reviewing it
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