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Ah AICN, you've bred some wonderful debaters.

GREAT review Hal2001
Where do you get the nerve to say anything? You aren't going to see the movie. You don't like any of the people in the movie. How do you know it is a good review, when you have not seen it? How do you have the nerve to insult me when you are biased in the first place. Maybe you are like many of these people on this site, where you talk a lot of shit that goes with the popular opinion and make fun of everyone who does not think like you do. You are pretty sad.

PS WHat is AICN? Seriously?

Here are your quotes.

This would be a great story about men coming to terms with parenthood and their lives re-uniting with their family and engaging in life changing situations...

... if it didn't have the Happy Madison team, Sandler, Spade, Schneider, Rock and James, all of whom suck so much the black hole can't withstand their force
I fucking hate Kevin James. His whole shtick revolves around "I'm so fat! Watch me do fat guy things! Ooh I'm loud and a load of blubber! Isn't that funny?!" Every time a fat comedian comes along to do that and disappears, someone else takes their place.

I hate Rock. Never liked him. His movies all blow
Exactly. Comedies these days rarely appeal to mature adults, they're all touted to the teenage mentality where farting and falling off things is equated with brilliant genre work. Lame.
After Mr. Deeds, Eight Crazy Nights, Zohan, Bedtime Stories, Chuck and Larry, and Longest Yard, I'm done giving Sandler comedies a chance.

However "Reign Over Me," "Spanglish," "Punch Drunk Love," and "50 First Dates" are magnificent.
I was never a Rock fan. I've sat through about four of his specials and they were all terrible, so we're at an impasse here.
Chris Rock's HBO specials are that is comic legend. He is the top comedian in the world. #2 is Dane. You may not like them, because they are not your type of comedy, but that does not make them terrible. I do not like country music, but I can respect when a country music singer is great. Garth Brooks is one of the best and I can't name one of his songs. I trust the millions of those who love his music. As a person who enjoy Chris Rock's stand up, take it from me, he is awesome. Racist, but awesome.
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