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Got a question for all metal heads, would you rather listen to metalcore or nu-metal? Two of the most hated genres from the fans. This would be tough but I will say nu-metal.
I'd go with Metalcore. Sure, alot of it is crap, but there are some gems hidden in. Shadows Fall was really good up until their shitty Threads of Life album. God Forbid and Darkest Hour are enjoyable. I like a couple of songs by Unearth and All That Remains. New American Gospel by Lamb Of God is a good album.

Nu-Metal is horrible. The worst part is that most of it (All of Limp Bizkit's dialogue, Korn's stuff, and Slipknot's first few albums especially) sounds really dated at around ten years old. The bands from this genre I enjoy are really small. I'd say System Of A Down's stuff (aside from the first album) holds up greatly and they are a good band. I can tolerate a handful of Korn songs, a couple of Disturbed songs and a small dosage of Sevendust but that's about it.

Honestly, I'd take either genre over this deathcore crap that has been popular for the past few years. At least the worst of Nu-Metal and Metalcore is unintentionally funny in it's badness but most deathcore is just boring with their samey breakdowns and pig squeals. I can't believe fucking Cryptopsy went the way of deathcore. All Shall Perish and some Red Chord (First album is amazing) are the only decent bands in that genre. I've been around friends that love that shit for years now and I can't stands no more.
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