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Kingdom Come Leatherbound edition
ooooo nice one. I didn't realize they'd done leather bound editions. Closest think i got are the Absolute editions of Watchman and Walking Dead.

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>> @Vesaker, WOW! That is an amazing collection, I'm only just starting with mine, so all i have are a couple of trades.
>The Umbrella Academy- Apocalypse Suite
>The Umbrella Academy- Dallas
>Batman- The Dark Knight Returns
>Locke and Key- Welcome to Lovecraft
>Discworld the graphic novels
>Star wars the Force Unleashed- Graphic Novel
>>And the Comic Book Encyclopedia by Ron Goulart

>>I need to start working.
Thanks, not a bad start yourself. If you liked Dark Knight Returns you need tyo grab Strikes Back next. It's not quite as good but a ton of other DC characters get thrown into the mix and its a great story itself.
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