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Old 07-08-2010, 04:02 PM
Wow, shitty day for pets. I was just going to start a thread about pets because I got some horrible news this morning.

I have 2 cats, a boy named Galaxy and a girl named Callie (shes a calico). Galaxy has been acting really weird lately after he eats, almost like he is choking or trying to get up a hairball. It's gotten worse to where he kind of kicks at his mouth as he does it. I picked him up last night and my dad checked his mouth and said one of his teeth was bleeding, so I took him to the vet today to get what I assumed was a bleeding/infected tooth fixed.

It's much worse.

The doc looked him over and said his teeth are actually fine, its his jaw that is messed up because he has cancer. He took x-rays and showed me where the jawline on that side is starting to deteriorate already. He said it may be an infection but thats not likely. He gave him an antibiotic shot today and he has to go back in 2 weeks to get another, but if those do nothing then we know for sure its cancer.

The guy is 12 years old and literally had zero health problems, ever. Not even so much as a broken claw. And now he has mouth cancer.

I've spent the majority of my day playing with him and holding him and crying and he's been looking at me like "what the hell is the matter with you" because he's a cat and obviously doesn't know anything is wrong with him.

If it is in fact cancer, my parents nor myself can afford all of the treatments so he'll eventually just get worse and worse until he either gets so bad we have to put him down or he just dies on his own.

Nothing has hit me this hard in a long time. Galaxy and Callie came from the same liter. My parents picked out Callie but Galaxy is MY cat. I picked him out and I named him and he is MINE.

And now he's sick and slowly dying.

My eyes literally hurt from crying today.
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