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Texas, what are you doing? Dumping 4 prospects for a guy who isn't going to sign with you at the end of the season? You aren't going to win the World Series, so why wouldn't you keep your prospects and continue to grow like you have over the past couple of seasons?
I am glad the Yankees did not get him......yet. I would rather keep our prospects and sing him next year when Javier goes. I like our pitching and don't need Lee. Barring injury. I think Texas plans on trying to sign him if they get a new owner before free agent season starts.

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Because their divison is weak as fuck, and they get 2 draft picks when Lee signs with someone else.
2? really?? I thought it was 1 pick at the end of the first round? To me, draft picks like this don't matter much. It is very hard to predict who will pan out or not. Baseball drafts are not like football or hockey.
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