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I have a complete run of X-men from 1980 to 2000. from there till 2004 i have some titles full and others, not so much (I really hated Chuck Austen's run) but from 2004 on, i have it complete.

I have all of the recent Ms Marvel and Iron Fist series as well as good chunks of the old 70's series. I also have lots of old ghostbusters issues.

That isn't all i have, my collection is a lot bigger. My X-men stuff sticks out the most because i have so much of it.
Oh nice, i never realized you had from 80-2000's straight, nice one. Claremont was such an awesome writer on that book. I still need to pick up the last couple of essentials, I think X-men is at vol. 9 or something now a days.
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