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From The Digital Bits:

How's that for loaded? Not only is everything from the original Alien Quadrilogy carried over (and you'll find more on all that content by reading our in-depth review of the set here at The Bits), there's a TON of new content added just for the Blu-ray as well - over FOUR HOURS of all-new added material. For example, you'll note the never-before-available "Burke Cocoon" deleted scene is finally here, as are a few other new deleted scenes. Rare unseen Sigourney Weaver screen tests are now included. You'll get thousands of new still photographs from the Fox archives. Not only is Wreckage and Rage: Making Alien³ the uncut and restored version of the documentary - originally titled Wreckage and Rape - that was edited for the Alien Quadrilogy DVD release, an additional 30 minutes of ALL NEW material has been added to this documentary as well. The Enhancement Pods contain extensive new material, as does the MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive Experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream. You'll note also that both The Alien Legacy and Alien Saga documentaries - which were excluded from the Quadrilogy - are finally included here in this set. AND... the Restored Workprint Version of Alien³, which was originally created in 2003 for the Quadrilogy release, has gotten a new audio mix polish for this Blu-ray release, including having many of the original actors return for new ADR sessions of their dialogue. The set will even include a booklet: the Alien Anthology: MU-TH-ER Mode Viewer's Guide! In short: Fox's new Blu-ray set is going to make the already spectacular DVD release even better... and THAT'S saying something.
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