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Old 07-21-2010, 09:54 PM
My wife and I dropped the kids off at daycare and on the way home she spotted a little cat walking in the grass along a busy street. I pulled over to take a look and saw it was a baby kitten. Very cute. Long story short, I grab the kitty and brought it home, fed it and talked to a bunch of neighbors in the area. The kitten's mom and her were strays and the mom was run over about a week ago. I brought it to the clinic to get looked at (I have two cats) and some guy brought in his dog to put to sleep. He gave the dog a milk bone and went into the back with the dog. 10 minutes later he came out with only the leash. Very sad. The kitten is only 1 lb and is about 3-4 weeks old. She (found out she is a she) has three kinds of pests in her stomache and she is very lucky she can be treated and live. She is living in my bathroom for now. Very cute, friendly and happy. I will try to find her a good home, but if not I will keep her.

Anyone want a kitten?
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