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Anyone? It's the scene when Levi was at his home. Was that real or did his mom make that cartoom?
There are lots of independently produced videos made by churches to sell to their members for stuff just like this. I'm sure no one here will know what it is.

As for this documentary, yeah, it was pretty creepy. Especially for me, as the church featured is actually not to far from where I live. However, there was one scene that gave me hope that not all these kids are buying into this crap.

Remember when that one kid was talking to a group of kids saying that his mom didn't let him watch "bad movies" (IE, Harry Potter, or whatever else they didn't think kids should watch), but then he laughed and said his dad let him watch whatever he wanted? (Apparently his parents were divorced.) I think a lot of kids will be like that. The more they are told not to do something, the more they will want it.
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