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Inception, my most controversial thoughts

Christopher Nolan to some is a brilliant director. He scored big in 2000 with Memento and since then has went on to direct films like the remake of Insomnia, Batman Begins, The Prestige etc. He has yet to blow me away which could effect my thoughts on Inception. Memento is really good, Batman is great, you haven't made me think you're a brilliant director. Some will call this his best film, some will call this a masterpeice, some (not lying) have said this is the best film they've ever seen, me..i'm alone on this one.

Inception follows Cobb (DiCaprio) as a detective who can enter into your dreams and discover your secrets. He has a crack team crew with people like Arthur (Levitt), Ariadne (Page), Yusuf (Rao) and more. Cobb has to do one last mission which is to plant an idea into Robert Fischers mind. As the movie unfolds the plot begins to get more complicated involving Cobb's deceased wife played by Marion Cottilard, and the plot unthickens from there.

The trailer's were interesting enough to get my attention and while it didn't turn out like a regular ass action film (until the last half), it didn't keep my fully invested. The pace for the movie is fine and all, it's just the execution that kills it. This is one of those films where it likes to mock you if you don't get something (which i'll talk about later.) The last film to do this was The Informant which was oddly confusing. The movie is actually quite boring at times and i'm talking about even when there was action. Can someone please direct the action scenes and let Nolan direct the dialogue driven scenes because honestly, I was getting motion sickness at some of these action scenes.

When I say the film is boring, I mean it kept me uninvested. The dialogue scenes weren't all that boring, the conversations were quite interesting but because Nolan is trying to fit so much into a near 3 hour film, it CAN get pretty confusing to some people unless they think about it. A modern day clishe in films is to start you out automatically into the plot but not tell you what is going on A.K.A have the ending first. I'm getting really sick of this, it's not clever and it doesn't make me go "ohhh so the ending was the beginning!" Going back to what I was talking about being bored, even the action is really boring. The last half of the film is non-stop action which you think would be cool but really, it just leaves you going "when the fuck is this gonna end?" It just goes on and on and on and on, and they just keep on going into dream into dream into dream into dream, it got hilarious at a point.

The dreams are something I would like to talk about. Has Nolan ever had a dream before because, NOT A SINGLE dream in this movie felt genuine. You CANNOT, repeat CANNOT control your dreams. Dreams are constantly moving sequences from thoughts in the back of your mind that you may or may not have forgotten about. Dreams feel like 2 hours (which they bring up and I will give credit, do in a clever way) but they are literally as long as five minutes. In these dreams, they are having full conversations! I have NEVER had a full conversation in any of my dreams, the most i've had is saying something briefly then moving on. One thing I feel I need to bring up is we forget 90% of our dreams. It's little things that can trigger memories, but still not remember the entire dream. In here, they take the place of totems which they use for other purposes too other than remembering but still, they would not remember what occured but in something like this, I shouldn't take it realistic (yuh thionk?!) so, this last paragraph was just me bitching at nothing.

I've talked enough negative and now let's talk about the positive (whatever I can think of.) I'm being completely honest when I say there really wasn't a whole lot I fully enjoyed, most of the things were just little things. An example would be they do a clever thing with a stair well that they go back to later by killing someone with and I thought that was really cool. I thought Nolan captured the emotion between Cobb and Mal (Cotillard) how half of him wanted to let her go but the other half didn't want to let her go. It is confronted various times and they do really cool tricks with the two of them (I won't spoil it) and they do wrap it up towards the end. I like how they showed us that he genuinely cared for her rather than be like "Mal was my wife. She is dead. I miss her. I will tell you this 10 more times so you understand that I miss her." Also there were some pretty cool visual effects throughout.

One thing that is not changing my feelings towards the movie but, can we please stop saying this movie was original, it wasn't. The main things this pays this takes from (or pays homage to, whatever) are Blade Runner, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Paprika (seriosuly, go see it. It's incredible) and even a Scrooge McDuck comic strip. Hmm, I guess it is original but not 100%, can we agree on that? Okay.

The ending has been mixed towards a lot of people, some love it, some hate it, I hate it. The ending didn't bother me, it wrapped up the way it needed to and everything was delt with. The last shot is what pissed me off causing a pointless debat whether the film was a dream or not. I say who cares? I would like to go in depth and back up my argument but that would be spoiling it (even though almost all of you reading have seen it) but still.

The hate for the people is the last thing i'll talk about, the hate can eat my ass hole. The last film to get this much hate towards the people who didn't care for it was The Dark Knight ironically directed by Nolan. The main thing the Nolan fanboys are yelling at to the people who didn't care for it is "you simply didn't get it." There are 6 different interpretations on what could've happened so 9 out of 10 people didn't fully get it either, so shut the fuck up. I think i've understood everything i've needed to, don't be all whiny just because I didn't love it.

Inception was a dissapointment for me but I still enjoyed some of it. The visuals and the writing are nice but lacks total investment (for me at least) and is too damn long (sorry.) The last half of the movie where it was all action got ridiculous and pretty boring, I could've easily tooken a nap (and I say it in IMAX), but there were still some things that kept me from hating it, but I can't totally reccomend it.

Rating: 6/10
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