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Old 08-17-2010, 01:35 AM
Hello all!

Well, I just got the privilege of becoming the Moderator for this Forum.

I think what BlankPage did was excellent and Just really want to keep these forums going as smoothly as they did while he was the Mod of these forums.

For the most part, in my time here, I have noticed everyone is pretty much respectful of each other and polite in their general posting. But if for some reason one day there is some stuff that goes down that you don't agree with, I can not stress enough that you use the REPORT POST button.

It is in the upper right hand side of any given post.

And the reason That button is important is because, I don't thumb through every single thread, so if someone decides to get annoyingly opinionated, that is the best function to use, as it send me an email and from that I will know to come to that thread and BUST SOME DAMN HEADS!!!

Just kidding (hardy har har) but it will tell me to keep an eye on that thread and try and get it back on track!

Apart from that.. hell yeah, Every movie we want to see is "Upcoming" at some point! So I look forward to the continued awesome and intelligent conversations that arise from bad ass upcoming movies.