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Never beaten any of the Halo games' campaigns before. It's a lot of fun, but there are way too many sections in levels that are just the same room repeated over and over again. The repitition is kind of ridiculous and makes those sections seriously not fun. The two parts in particular that were just asinine in their repititiveness would be the levels Assault on the Control Room, and the Library. Other than that, I enjoy the combat a lot, and the story is pretty decent.
That was always the biggest complaint against Halo - specifically the Library level, but I actually thought it added suspense and tension to the whole level. Just when I thought I was done, another wave came. (BTW, there is a "wink-wink" level in Halo 2 that has another library.)

I think the introduction to the Flood is just about the best thing I ever experienced in a video game. That whole level was so creepy.
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