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If the first season didn't impress you, I'd say the second won't either. Might as well cut your losses.
Word, that's prob what will happen. I mean, I'm not saying its a bad show, its def better than a lot (*cough*TrueBlood*coughcough*), but I guess I just expected a bit more. There were definitely a few cool scenes throughout and, as I said earlier, I really do dig the concept (especially the subtle Hamlet parallels), but I just think they could've done more with it and the writing (the dialogue in particular) could be stronger (One example: Early on in the season, they use a fair amount of biker slang. I think they could've used more of it, would've gone to make it a bit more distinctive).

But really, my problems with SoA really goes to highlight one of the biggest problems I feel that a lot of TV shows have today: they try to be too accessible. Obviously, the whole point of a TV show is to get viewership and you're guaranteed to get more if you cast a wider net, but above all, I feel the showrunners should care more about delivering a quality product being faithful to their setting/characters more than caring about appealing to general audiences. But hey, that's idealist ol' me...

EDIT: Oh, and the "John the Revelator" cover at the end was pretty cool, I'll give it that as well.

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