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I'm having to go and buy the first 6 books as i have the Absolute Walking Dead (books 1-4) and books 5 and 6 in issues and the rest in the paper back trades.

I found it really interesting readingthe Forword by Kirkman in the first book. It's nice to see that the book has been turning out like he described it years ago. How it's a long sprawling sort of story and things like how eventually you'll read new Walking Dead then go back to this book and not even be able to compare Rick then to Rick now. And it's so true.

I'll admit the book has sort of stumbled in some parts in the sense that nothing really interesting was going on for a string of issues but when you look at it as the build up it turned out to be you get a new appreciation for these times in the story.

Lovin this book and can't wait till Halloween for the shows premier.
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