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That list is full of ignorance.

Marciano is lb 4 lb the greatest ever hw. He should be way higher on that list.

Same for Carlos Monzon, who's easily the best ever middleweight.

Ali was good, but people need to watch his fights before talking about him. So what he beat Archie Moore; Moore was out of his weight and way past his prime. Foreman's technique was shit. Frasier was vastly overrated. The Thriller in Manila was one of the most entertaining fights in hw history, as were many others from that era. Iconic boxers for sure thanks to photography and media. But great boxers? I think not.

Best boxers ever:
Ray Robinson
Mayweather jr
Joe Louis
Chris John
Ray Leonard
No way is Marciano the best heavyweight ever. I don't even think he would've argued that. Based on what? That he built his resume on faded ex-champions and therefore never lost? While Dempsey, Tunney, Louis, Ali, Holmes, and other greats who have better resumes are now inferior boxers who owe their careers to photography? No way.

You can put Chris John on the list once he beats JM Lopez, Yuriorkis Gamboa, Celestino Caballero, Steven Luevano, and all the other great fighters in his own division he won't even touch.
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