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Based on his skill. Based on the quality of his opponents like Ezzard Charles and Jersey Joe Walcott.

Dempsey is quality, I love his tenacity; but his technique was poor. Tunney? not even close. Louis is a fair shout, but I consider Marciano's technique to be slightly better. Holmes? get real. Ali was the one who beat faded fighters (Archie Moore) and fighters that were by today's standard not even a HW (Patterson), Ali had to cheat to beat Henry Cooper, yeah, great fighter :roll: he struggled against Frasier who was in the great scheme of things a poor man's Tyson, and he made too much work of George "shit technique" Foreman, and a great boxer would never have lost to Ken Norton. He was pure media hype. Most charismatic? shit yeah. The greatest boxer? hell no.

No boxer owes their ability to photography. But many owe their hype and iconic status to the media, and the sheep who are easily manipulated and don't have a clue about the true greats, the type of ppl who've never seen a Monzon fight.

Chris John dodging ppl. Haha. Yeah that's why he fought JMM.

Gamboa is fucking quality. But he's too untried at the moment to deserve a shot against John. John would tear him apart too easily. Gamboa's defense is quite poor, always leading in with his head. He has loads of potential though. And one day Gamboa could be the fucking man, a potential #1 lb-4-lb, but he has a lot of work to do.

But John dodging Gamboa? that's funny.Why would someone who's supposedly affraid to fight the best go up against JMM?
Every fighter goes through a record-padding phase of their career. Marciano even went through one. When Ali fought Moore, his star had yet to shine. Moore was one of those guys who didn't know how to leave the sport, so naturally towards the end he was stuck fighting tomato cans and newcomers. Ali beat Frazier, a more accomplished fighter than Tyson which hardly makes him a poor man's version of him. Ali KO'd a young, prime Foreman, who punched harder than any of Rocky's opposition save a faded Joe Louis.

What's wrong with saying Holmes is one of the best? He's easily one of the top five best heavyweights ever. Explain to me how he isn't. One of the best technicians in the history of the sport. His technique was so much better than Marciano's and he probably would've put on a clinic had they ever been able to face each other. I'm not saying Marciano wasn't a great fighter, because he's an icon of the sport, but I personally believe that the names on his resume are impressive but misleading, as all those guys were past their best when he faced them. Undefeated record doesn't mean shit, unless you follow Floyd Mayweather's line of logic.

I didn't say John is dodging anyone, because for the last couple of years or so he's been in a state of perpetual illness or injury. But let's get real about his accomplishments and how they don't even stack up to those of Monzon or Robinson. He is a future HOFer, but Monzon, Robinson, Ali and those guys will be remembered because they cleaned out their division. John has yet to do that. He's been #1 in the featherweight division for a while now despite the obvious fact that Juanma is the biggest star in the division.
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