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At the end of the day Dexter really is a pulpy show. It wears a veneer of polish but it still gets a bit redundant and never covers any new ground. It's entertaining. I'll give it that, but I think this show though has greater potential. It looks like Scorsese and Winter really crafted an entire 1920's world. The cast is a vast ocean of talent. Solid actors who all cut their teeth on film and theater. It already seems very layered, and will deal with the various levels of the organizations. That's more of my cup of tea. The kind of stuff people like Scorsese or Michael Mann deal with in their work.
danke cap-a, a more rational response

i came across a little too aggressive so for that i apologise. i do not hate on dexter, but i was certainly disappointed in the way the narrative was handled mid way through the first season. his sexual relationship with the single mother i didn't care for and i found the ice truck killer pretty uninteresting

it is safe to say that boardwalk empire will have truly great characters, afterall it's written by terrence winter who wrote on sopranos

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