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AGAIN? Damn, that shit is so old. You know the problem with Krytpon? Natural resources - it doesnt seem to have any.

The biggest hole in Lex's plan to build a new continent was a big one - there was no water or vegetation of that rock, and couldnt possibly support life. Oops, I guess.

Krypton is boring, in every aspect. Without Zod, they are a Utopian society with no problems. BOOOR-HING.

Let it die. People in third world countries know Superman's origins. We do NOT need to go back and rehash it for the fifth time.
I'm sorry, but not everyone was born in the 70s and has seen the original Reeve's films, not everyone has picked up the origin of Superman, and not everyone has seen Smallville. It would be nice to see the destruction of Krypton instead of dropping the audience off in Metropolis like they're suppose to know who the hell everyone is and how Superman came into existence.
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