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A great pregame ceremony tonight for Cito Gaston his last home game as Blue Jays manager and the best manager we have ever had and one of the all-time greats. Great to see some of the other great Blue Jays that played on some of those teams Joe Carter, Devon White as well.

A true player's manager and a great way to go out with a victory too.

We have some pieces there but some ways to go still to catch 3 teams ahead of us although I see Tampa pulling a Florida Marlins in the next 2 years seriously how does a 1st place team draw 20,000 or less and have almost 20,000 plus empty seats almost every night I don't get it.

And also if Felix Hernandez dosen't win the AL Cy Young award the bias writers that vote on it deserve to have their vote revoked. Its not his fault the Mariners have one of the most god awful offenses of all time. Look at the other stats besides the wins and its not even close.
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