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So you know then that theres a movie out called Book of Blood featuring one of the short stories developed into a feature. Its pretty cool. Very Barker-esque. Also the Midnight Meat Train is another adaptation out in the movies. I liked it too. One of the best adaptations yet. I havent seen Dread yet which is available to rent on DVD but thats another of his stories

Read Weaveworld and Imajica many years ago and found them both amazing.As well as the Books of Blood as my intro to him. What an imagination he has. Pity he's known by many for the Hellraiser films as although I'm into them, its hardly his most intellectual work. Imajica was his magnum opus at that time and its quite a read. It takes more than a few days and really brings you into these fantasy dominions you couldnt possibly dream of. But I have heard some of his later books don't measure up to his earlier genius
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