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Pitching in the AL east is much harder than if you have to pitch in the AL west. Both Lester and Buchholz had great years. Clay is 17-7 with a 2.33 ERA, so he should be in the conversation with both ERA and wins on his side. CC also lost out on 3 or 4 wins too. I would vote for him and his 0-0 shutout battle with Price in the last weeks of the season over anything Felix did.
Valid points all, but I'm in the Felix camp still. Clay barely pitched enough innings to qualify. I think a vote for CC is totally valid. Everyone is talking about old-school vs Sabermatics, but it's really just about having four fantastic pitching performances in the AL this year. I think it's just about forgone that Felix will win, regardless of if he should or not.

I also buy into pressure. Teams in the east had way more pressure knowing that if you win or lose it matters more. Felix had no pressure. He does not get it in my opinion.
A valid point as well, but it's easy as fans to think that players on bad teams don't care as much as we don't care. Felix had pressure like no one else this year in one important area: he was pitching for perhaps the worst offensive team ever. In the history of baseball. Certainly the worst of the modern era. CC or Clay gives up four runs through 5, they've got nothing to worry about. Felix allows a solo shot in the first, he might as well pack it in and go home. I don't disagree with your point entirely, obviously pitching in a playoff race is a different thing, but Felix's stats and his performance against the AL East makes a pretty compelling case in my mind.
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